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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Astroguard and Astroflex?


Astroflex: A polypropylene (trampoline) fabric, with a reinforced sewn edge border. custom cut & includes all hardware required for installation.  (*pricing will vary depending on size of job, surface that anchors will be mounted into & geographic location) Astroguard: A resin coated ballistic nylon fabric with a heat-sealed edge.  custom cut & includes all hardware required for installation. Installed on  per square foot (*pricing will vary depending on size of job, surface that anchors will be mounted into & geographic location).

Will my home owner’s insurance company accept it?


YES! Both products have an A+ rating with ALL insurance carriers. ASTROGUARD exceeds all International Building Code, Florida Building Code & Miami Dade requirements. In fact, Astroguard recently became the 1st American Made Hurricane Protection System to gain approval in Australia- where testing standards are more stringent. ASTROFLEX fulfills IBC & FL Building Code requirements & is Category 5 approved to install anywhere in the world OTHER THAN DADE & BROWARD COUNTY*

Does the hardware come with the fabric or is it extra?


Do-It-Yourself pricing includes all hardware required for installation, including a drill bit & driver! Dealer/ Wholesale pricing includes custom cut fabric & attachment clips (calculated based on 12” on center spacing on 2 sides); Additional clips are sold for $1.25 each (top/ bottom set- which includes (8) #8 x ½” Stainless Steel Screws) Typically, we do not supply hardware for our dealers, but is available upon request.


Is Hurricane Fabric approved for my location?


Yes Astroguard is Category 5 rated and approved for use anywhere in the world. Astroflex is CAT5 approved everywhere other than Dade & Broward County

How long does it take to receive once my order is placed?


All orders ship within 1 week of receiving payment. However, we are generally able to accommodate expedited requests at no additional cost.

Do you cut it to fit?


Orders placed on are all custom cut to your specification; In fact, custom arch & geometric cuts are available for NO EXTRA CHARGE. Astroguard is also available on in six pre-cut generic sizes which can be adjusted to your specifications on the job site.

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