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Do It Yourself measurement instructions :

- Measure width by height in inches (do not use fractions or decimals " example 45"X 80")

- Start with front entry (#1) go counter clockwise 1st floor then second floor.
-Please, number all openings. 
- If you are looking for a quote, you can send in opening sizes and our program will add 4" overlap on all sides (please specify if they are final measurements or opening measurements)
-We suggest you walk around your property and knock on the wall near each opening to see if the structure is wood or concrete. Generally, all concrete structure openings will have a 4" overlap on all 4 sides. If there is a band around the window, you can put your anchor line in the middle of the band so there are no stucco blowouts. With wood frame structure, it can be from 1"-2.5"depending how it was built. We suggest drilling a couple test holes with a small drill bit to ensure you are hitting solid wood and not just plywood sheathing. 
-Please, specify how many openings in total. 
- Customer information is required  in order for us to provide you with  a quote.  Please, provide the following information listed below:
-Full name, address including zip code, email address,and best contact number .
- Pictures of the house (only need a few pics to see what we are getting into. I don't need pictures of each opening)
Upon receiving your information, we will review it, send you  a cut sheet and have you sign off on the final cut sheet before we cut your order.
- Email:
-Make sure you email the info. together so it is easier to process.
- You can also, text the info. if its easier to me at 561-506-0334.


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Panelmate Wood

& concrete

Astro Flex large opening deployment


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Brick Flush

Panelmate Wood

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